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Supperclub: Fruits of Our Labor Presents CURING

Special Evening in Collaboration With Eliza Mozer

"What does it mean to be cured? Magic elixir chants pharmaceutical fantasy. What’s your dosage, how far will you look? Repetition and ritual of an administered remedy. A final act of preservation covered in salt and sugar repeating, turning still, until something sour or gold pours out. Time can be a powerful antidote if you let it sit long enough. Each mouth wanting it's own symbiotic sustenance, the prescribed behavior of give and take. Colorless plasma through an IV drip or soft touch. We may build together in health, but how do we avoid breaking alone in sickness? Self-care is when you find yourself kneeling at the altar - Let us cure you!"- Fruits of Our Labor

Doors at 7:30pm, first course served at 8pm. Come ready to use your hands and feed thy neighbor!

6 course vegetarian dinner set to cure any ailment, served with tea pairings.

Dinner will be followed by an aphrodisiac infused party, open to the public from 11pm until late. Cocktails and wine will be available for purchase (one drink included for those who purchase dinner tickets).

*BYOB is only permitted for the party portion of the evening!* 

Eliza Mozer has been obsessed with food since saying her first word: "spaghetti." As a young child she exhibited an unusual fondness for dark leafy greens. She learned to read with cookbooks, and would eagerly choose to be in the kitchen over watching Sunday morning cartoons. After baking her first batch of buttermilk biscuits at age 8, waitressing for the first time at age 18, and traversing 6 years in the gastro industry, she has spent the past year and a half in Berlin running a handful of kitchens and pop ups. When sourcing ingredients, she focuses especially on hyper seasonal produce from super local farms. Whether she is cooking or baking, pouring espresso or wine, showing a friend a new restaurant or introducing them to a new Ritter Sport bar, Eliza finds immense pleasure when sharing her love of food and flavors with others. When she's not in the kitchen, she spends her time working as a multidisciplinary artist, designer, photographer, illustrator, tattooer.


Buzz Techoueyres/Damiani. Schinkestraße 2, 12047

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