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A market for workers, mothers, children and mistresses.

  • May 08 2022 | 12:00 PM h - 7:00 PM h

We are pleased to invite you to Souls for Labor, a market co-curated with foodculture days, which will inhabit the center of Atelier Gardens, a hub for cultural creators and change makers, also home to the Berliner Union-Film Ateliers (BUFA), on May 8th, 2022, from 12-19h

We know that capitalism still keeps our souls captive, a paycheck won’t save us from societal collapse, and owning a bank account doesn’t mean belonging to a real community. While on the one hand, labor has been ingrained in mothering and in the principles of agriculture since its very inception, on the other, care, land enclosure and expropriation were preconditions both for commercialized agriculture and for a wage-dependent and disciplined proletariat.  

On these premises, the Souls for Labor market offers a shared space to reflect on food making, food sharing, maternal fantasies and care work as lenses through which to unveil the mechanisms underlying contemporary labor conditions and practices. Through food culture by AbenoAbenue, Caique Tizzi, Chelsea Turowsky Studio, CHEZ ELLA, Daniela Berenika, Eliza Mozer, foodculture days, gal sheritzy, LaLoVe´s Kitchen, ROKU Berlin, Ulam; handcrafts by Avantika, Acceptance Letter, Veronika Janovec, Jess Zamora-Turner, hoops and Herbal moon Berlin; post-consumption tarot reading by Magdalena Emmerig, social nourishment spiced up by critical thoughts by Archive Books, Circadian books, Bloc Books and Arts of the Working Class; solidarity shared through edible matter inseparable from fair working practices by bridges over borders, Souls for Labor aims to cultivate seeds for community-driven economies in order to restore empathy in the so-called art world.

The market – already rehearsed in the summer of 2021 in the open area of Atelier Gardens – is conceived as a common ground wherein to question and expand the definition of the traditional exhibition format for pandemic times, encompassing a variety of projects beyond the field of street food and nutrition, to focus on exchanging goods, presenting initiatives, engaging in  workshops, pollinating ideas and collecting solidarity and care as more than survival tools. 

The market will host HOT(S)POTS as places for donating food and goods for people affected by the war hosted by bridges over borders, and a HOSPITALITY SPOT organized by foodcultures day, where the participants will find food to devour and refreshments. From 2pm to 6pm, a Dj set by Maryisonacid (African Acid is the Future) will make bodies move on an acid trip around Afro rhythms, traveling from Nigeria, Ethiopia and Congo to Ghana, cruising on electronic sounds, cosmic rhythms and psychedelic vibrations.

Along the course of the event, LaLove’s Kitchen will workshop participants to Latin Grandma-Recipes by transforming and styling up everyone’s favorite  recipes (Patacones & Arepas) in an afternoon-length program of multiple situated formats, including Co-Cooking School, Pop-Up Eatery & Liveacts.

Bring your best intention to engage, listen and savor, we are looking forward to welcoming you, your family, friends and lovers to celebrate the many collective ways to care and work together. 


Souls of Souls for Labors are: AbenoAbenue, Acceptance Letter, Avantika, Archive Books, Arts of the Working Class, Barbara Quintin, Bloc Books, bridges over borders, Caique Tizzi, Chelsea Turowsky Studio, CHEZ ELLA, Circadian books, Daniela Berenika, Eliza Mozer, foodculture days, gal sheritzy, Herbal Moon, hooops, Jess Zamora-Turner, LaLoVe´s Kitchen, Magdalena Emmerig, ROKU Berlin, Ulam, Veronika Janovec.

Sonic landscape by: Maryisonacid (AAITF)