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Poem forthcoming from ISOLARII in EVER GAIA.

  • Poem
  • Mar 17 2023
  • Precious Okoyomon
    is an artist and poet. They live and work in New York City.

The cover poem from our latest issue features the words of artist and poet Precious Okoyomon. It was excerpted from ISOLARII latest book EVER GAIA, a celebration of the life of James Lovelock: environmentalist, futurist and originator of the Gaia theory that the Earth functions as a self-regulating system.


Always already energy matter

The worlds breakin in flowers the breath of things

Bliss hovering above the void Haptic fallout feverish blood


Myths arise where it sets Knowing there is fire Knowing there is war

Cities rising and falling


A small black river flowing

The speed of darkness

Earth memory


Everything burns repeatedly Our love is a blue insistent and

forward looking sky 


Every dream is a moment of



Return back to the umbilical


To vesicles of celestial knowledge


Swallow bits of tenderness 

Bring yourself back to the earth


Meeting in moments of present 






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