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Souls for Music Market.

July 3, 4-10pm, at ATELIER GARDENS
Oberlandstraße 26-35, 12099 Berlin, Germany 

On the occasion of Souls for Music, the summer edition of Arts of the Working Class art, food and crafts market in collaboration with Atelier Gardens, a hub for cultural creators and change makers, taste and listening will come together in a symphony of flavors, crunchy beats and a choir of nourishment.

The series of markets, originally called SOULS FOR FOODS, started as a call and gathering for alternative economies during the pandemic, understanding artworks as shareable goods. 

Taking place on July 3rd and co-curated with Positionen Magazin as a street music fest, Souls for Music will welcome participants and visitors from 4pm to dusk on a stage of experimental vibrations and delicatessen.

If your practice revolves around culinary knowledge, dreams, and sonic landscapes, if you like to sing and have your mouth full, you are more than welcome  to apply with a project.  

Each participant will be granted a market booth of ca. 1.5 x 2 m, which can be adapted and customized according to your practice and demands. Chairs, eclecticity and water connection are available for free.

Deadline for applications: June 11, 2022
See our brief application guideline below

Please keep it concise and cute


Please submit to the following information:

  • What's your field of practice? (for example: food, baking, flower design, pottery, textiles, publishing, music producing, music label)
  • How would your participation in Souls for Music look? / How would you like to engage and collaborate in the frame of Souls for Music (an intervention for a stand, sale of craft products, installation of artworks, etc…) Please provide a short description.
  • Outline of technical requirements and materials needed for the realization of your contribution.
  • Please attach images, links or visual mood boards to have an introduction to your work.

The above shall be sent together in maximum 2-3 pages in the PDF format titled NAMEOFTHEPROJECT_SFM_2022

No fee is required in order to participate, but production costs, travel or shipment expenses shall be covered by the participants. The intention is that the market serves as a source of income for all. Please take into account that the time to install your contribution will be limited to the day of the event opening. All contributions should be able to be executed within this timeframe. If you are selected we will provide a further description of equipment and technical support we can provide and all questions will be answered by our spatial partners at BUFA.

Souls for Music brings together many publics and intentions, transcending the canonical format of the art show. Therefore, please keep in mind that interaction between people and objects, as is the case in most markets, won’t be hindered but encouraged. In accordance with this we strongly suggest to accurately evaluate the nature of your project, purchasable goods/artworks.




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