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What else at the end of 2020.


Power, like money, is a thing we recognize by its absence and that no one will admit to having outright in conversation. When speaking about power on the phone I said jokingly, “Please have it - I’ve never done anything good with it anyway.” Technically speaking however, scientists now know that unlike money no one can take your power from you, it is rather the individual who abdicates the responsibility for their will. So Aries, what will you do with this blaze in you? Tend to it fiercely and then turn your bright gaze lovingly to the ones who are still looking for a way home. 



We are cruelest to ourselves when we are home alone. Having mined the body for a last pang of feeling, we encounter one another with considerate distance. Though the virus may have forced us further apart, we can still fantasize about brushing hands in the supermarket and not fearing for our lives on the train. Meet my gaze, open your bier, light my cigarette, spare some change. There is an awkwardness to missing one another in a city where we usually kept a distance; a city where we came to be alone.



The small words you say become prayers. How differently we would converse if we understood that what we speak we will become. What has happened to you that you now sleep with one eye open? You left home long ago and now you belong to the spaces in between, these heterotopic kingdoms you spoke into being. 



When you are heartbroken, you simply must lie down with your chest open and feel like a child who instinctively knows they cannot survive on their own. You will lay Cancer until the untimely dusk when the needs of your body - a force of self-preservation one cannot wield or deny - demand that you leave the cold of your mind, drink, walk, sing and return to your first home.  



Every morning we walk out onto the streets of men. Here they stand together sharing smoke and words, a public stand of solidarity while they deprive themselves privately of one another. What are we to do about The Men? Tell them when they ask for your attention Leo, say I am not the one, look instead to your brother faithful he will be the one to carry you home if you’ll let him. 



Few see the world more clearly than you Virgo, or know the fastest way home. But what of your secret hopes and the measureless outline of longing in you? If another path leads you away from certainty, away from your previously held ambitions or the advice of those close to you - you do not need a reason - it is enough that you
want to take it. 



Where do you go when you are alone, Libra? Let it not be to one extreme. Too many fallen angels looking for home at the bottom of a bottle.
When you sleep exposed to the elements, the next morning you may speak of the stars. But lying about their distant comfort will not drown out the truth that you are loved. 



The streets are the last home of the mad ones. So if they try to clean these streets, wash the cobblestones in their bullshit values and dreams of speculative private property. Don’t let them forget: cities were made so we could be together. Don’t wait until it’s dark to break out, Scorpio. Be my freak on a leash, my good girl. This love they seek in their hygienic, white boxes, fiercely swiping on black rectangles to recover what they lost, is a madness that boils and spills from your lips, out the front door and down into the earth.



Find your bearings, Sagittarius. Where were you the year the world got so much smaller? As one who loves nothing more than to spin brilliantly from one exciting thing to the next, what has this time of isolation deprived you of? Do you stand now on the rectangular table and eat from the isometric floor? When you are free to roam again, the limits of the vast world may surprise you as you recall the enormousness of time in this small home.



Okay, Beauty! On Saturday you will begin. You will set aside the time that is needed. You will gather around you the tools and supplies, your humility and your wit and you will start to build. This frame may be fragile at first so protect it from your harshest critic, the cold winds of perfectionism. Stay true to your design, Capricorn. You are one who must build the home you wish to live in. Who will meet you there? One with nowhere else to go. 



It is so comically unclear to me where we belong, Liebling! You cannot return to your mother’s house but maybe to the fatherland. Would you know your people if they claimed you? Will you in turn learn to care for them even when they embarrass and annoy you? I hear them now, from far away their ungoverned voices theatrically complain: They are so confused about how to get to their destination and they have been told the world will turn them away. I will not beg but lovely Aquarius you can only come home to yourself. 



Long have you wandered the desert waiting for the old ones to die so you could start a new life. This gift of your youth! What other generation or species was given such time to learn about the world? All the good stories you tell now Pisces; the loss of innocence, the myth of purity, the land of Canaan. Know in your ramblings there is only one red thread worth pursuing which will guide you home from self-imposed exile. 

All images courtesy of the Arts of the Working Class team. 




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