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Flatten the Curve

The Poem on the Cover of Issue 11, "Faux Culture" is an excerpt from a larger video piece by artist Anna Muchin

  • May 03 2020
  • Anna Muchin
    Anna Muchin (b.1985, GR/FR) is a music, poetry and photography artist. As composer and singer-songwriter ‘Scarlett O’Hanna’ ( ), she has released and toured records Cheap Bling Bling (2009), Impostor (2011) and Romance Floats (2014) in Europe, Usa and Japan. Her collaborations include playing support for Wilco, Cocorosie, touring with She Keeps Bees, creating with Nate Kinsella (aka Birthmark), Peter Silberman (The Antlers) and sound designing in dance, fashion or the cinema.

    Over the course of residencies in Belgium and Japan, she has extended her practice to visual language and poetry. Mixed-media creations that explore societal realities through the intimate.

    A.M. also works as a writer, translator and lives in Brussels.
"No cuts no profits 
tax havens nor benefits
just health above all
fair pays and material 
flatten that curve of profit 
flatten that curve once for all 
make US ALL come first 
first and above it all"
- Anna Muchin, "Flatten the Curve"
These are unsettling times, is what we keep telling each other on the phone these days, revisiting the stirred up senses of separateness and togetherness. #Corona times give a new flavor to structural inequality, presses harder on each of its sore spots.
Voice as movement. There was a march in my mind when I wrote down these words. A march from home, a march of the mouth and tongue. If we can’t walk the streets in protest, in support, we still have a voice to play with and deploy.
Health should not be a privilege. 
Working safely and responsibly should not be a privilege.
Reclaim #health4all and #flattenthecurveofprofit
This poem excerpt appeared in print of the front cover of Issue 11, "Faux Culture". The full poem was published originally on Muchin's instagram.



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