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On the loose concepts of home.

  • Feb 10 2023
  • Refuge Worldwide
    Refuge was started as a fundraising platform working in solidarity with grassroots and non-profit organizations. In January 2021, we launched Refuge Worldwide, a new radio station to amplify the music and issues that we care about, broadcasting 24/7 from Weserstraße 166, (12045 Berlin Neukölln).

    From our home in Berlin Neukölln, Oona Bar, we now host weekly workshops, training programs, and classes in media, creative fields, and mental health. These are free to attend as part of our community outreach. Refuge Worldwide is also involved in a number of collaborative projects around the globe with like-minded collectives, radio stations, and activists.

For Refuge Worldwide's second 'Live and Direct' column for AWC, we focus on the loose concepts of “home” and making space for others. Naturally, we at Refuge Worldwide hold this idea close to our hearts, so we wanted to share a couple of our favorite projects with this general theme, as well as the announcement of a new home for one of Berlin’s best parties. 


Album: Perera Elsewhere - Home 

British-Sri Lankan multi-instrumentalist and 20-year resident of Berlin Perera Elsewhere released her third solo album late last year. Home walks a fine line between experimental electronic music, pop, and rap, pulling influences from Perera’s years spent between cultures and blending them into what she calls “doom-folk.” She’s something of an icon in Berlin’s music scene today—an inspiration for droves of hopefuls who have moved here since the early 2000s. Home is a fitting testament to Perera’s iconic status and an intriguing exploration of the concept of belonging. 


Initiative: Nomansland

Run by Trinidadians Jamila Grote Kays (AKA Jams) and Kyle Delzin (AKA Kallaloo), Nomansland is a new event and podcast series discussing issues of identity, migration, and displacement, while playing some wicked music at the same time. Their podcast series kicked off with interviews from O.N.A., Nat Wendell, Rose Kourts, David Roelen Gaby D’Annunzio, Sophie Douala and stillwarley. If you enjoy podcasts with a laidback feel but some deep messages, this one’s for you.


Event: Raiders @ OHM

Our friends at the Raiders crew move their party (RAID) to a new home at OHM for their next event on February 17th. Raiders’ diverse and talented crew of residents are joined by special guest Opium Hum for a night of high-speed bass and breaks from around the world. Opium Hum, born Michail Stangl, is also responsible for the peerless programming of Berlin’s CTM festival, which took place earlier this month.




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