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On sonic experimentation.

  • Apr 03 2023
  • Refuge Worldwide
    Refuge was started as a fundraising platform working in solidarity with grassroots and non-profit organizations. In January 2021, we launched Refuge Worldwide, a new radio station to amplify the music and issues that we care about, broadcasting 24/7 from Weserstraße 166, (12045 Berlin Neukölln).

    From our home in Berlin Neukölln, Oona Bar, we now host weekly workshops, training programs, and classes in media, creative fields, and mental health. These are free to attend as part of our community outreach. Refuge Worldwide is also involved in a number of collaborative projects around the globe with like-minded collectives, radio stations, and activists.

The focus of this month’s Live And Direct column is sonic experimentation. It’s something at the heart of what we do with Refuge Worldwide, encouraging our residents to go off-piste with their collaborations, discussions, show concepts, and musical selections. Here are three projects we’re currently loving that also have an adventure as their top priority.


Album: Paul St. Hilaire - Tikiman Vol.1

Dominican dub artist Paul St. Hilaire Has just released his first solo album since 2006, containing nine tracks of ambient, dub techno, reggae, and beyond. It’s the result of many years of St Hilaire experimenting with the middle ground between Berlin techno minimalism and the joyous carnival music of his home island. The album, Tikiman Vol.1, is out now on Refuge Worldwide co-founder Richard Akingbehin’s label Kynant Records.


Initiative: Apartment Project

Founded in 1999 in Istanbul, and running since 2012 in Berlin, Apartment Project is an artist-run platform for global-local, multi-media artistic collaborations. Check the live streams they post online, or head to one of their events on Hertzbergstrasse, to discover their “politically engaged art, transdisciplinary experimentation, and cultural community outreach.” One of the many projects under the Apartment Project umbrella, Chromatic Wednesdays, will be broadcasting live from Refuge Worldwide HQ, Oona Bar, on April 26th. The event will take place from 7-10 PM and will explore the idea of resistance. Free entry and everyone is welcome!


Event: Refuge Worldwide B2B Day

One of our favorite days of the year at Refuge Worldwide is the Friday bank holiday in April, which, since last year, has been made “B2B day”. From 10 AM to 2 AM the following night, we celebrate new friendships and musical collaborations through a whole day or all-new back-to-back radio shows. Breakfast show host Nikola will start the day in partnership with Bézier, and from there expect a full day of joint musical adventure. Come and hang out at Oona Bar and witness the madness, or listen online.




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