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  • Mar 25 2019
  • Nick Koppenhagen
    is an artist and independent researcher from Berlin. He is the creator and host of the interview-podcast and a founding member of the DAK.

Topics: Furtherfield, Saatchi & Saatchi YBAs,, art, tech, politics, relational sculptor, recentralization, redecentralization, DIWO, artistic genius, Nairy Baghramian, "playful collectibles", can't help doing, DAOWO, Pete Gomes, Everything Forever, resistance, applied anthropology, art world taboos, money, means of production, blockchain cultures, more money, symbolic realm, mining, Rob Myers, Dogecoin, DAOs, blockchain aesthetics, Aragon, skin in the game, the social contract, personhood, terra0, LARP labs, MoneyLab, sarcasm, an island, intense manipulation, blue, survivalism, art tokenization, cryptocollectibles, merch, embedded critique



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