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Solidarity Calendar

Expanding an autonomous cultural territory together.

AWC's Solidarity Calendar aims to break down the hierarchy between institutionally validated and community-built events by widening the spectrum of the cultural landscape in and around Germany with a plurality of situated grassroots initiatives.

The Calendar will cultivate and amplify the vital constellation of demonstrations, solidarity actions, grassroots workshops, indie film screenings, poetry readings, urban gardening, neighborhood festivals, autonomously-funded cultural events, and every socially uplifting action that, though often unrecognized, nourishes mainstream programming and discourses. 

If you are an activist, social worker, and/or artist, committed to cultural practices based on self-organization, long and short-term social impacts, and/or collective empowerment, we invite you to submit your events on Thursdays at this link. They will be compiled and shared on AWC’s online calendar and IG stories on Mondays.

If you have a budget, please consider supporting our labor with a donation. Every sum is welcome!




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